Tanseeq Requirements for American Diploma

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General Rules

▸ No student may graduate from an Egyptian university without successfully passing the Thanaweya Amma exams in Arabic Language and Religion.
▸ The American Diploma is valid for university enrolment for two years from completion
▸ The Tanseeq Bureau only accepts applications of G12 students with a valid American Diploma AND successful Arabic & Religion Ministry exams obtained during the SAME year of application to university.
▸ Students who only complete their school requirements and/or minimum EST required score AFTER the June Ministry testing periods will not be allowed to enroll at university the same year and can only apply during the following academic year.
▸ Grade 12 credits cannot be split on two years, therefore students who have not obtained all their required credits in Grade 12 will have to repeat the year.
▸ Students must successfully complete 8 subjects in accordance with each faculty’s requirements. A subject will NOT be counted if it is less than One Full Credit.
▸ Out of the eight subjects required for university enrolment, a maximum of 3 may be supplied from Grade 11; a minimum of 5 from Grade 12.

Qualifying Subjects

Group 1: Scientific Branch

Medicine – Dentistry – Pharmacy – Nursing – Veterinary Medicine – Physiotherapy – scientific departments of Science – Agriculture – Applied Art – scientific departments of Pedagogy

1) English
2) Physics
3) Chemistry
4) Biology
5) Math subject
▸ Plus three Electives
Note: For Agriculture, Geology may replace Physics.

Group 2: Mathematical Branch

Engineering – Computer Science – Urban Planning – mathematical departments of Science – private higher institutes: departments of Engineering & Technology – Architecture (Fine Arts) – agricultural engineering department of Agriculture – mathematical department of Pedagogy

1) English
2) Physics
3) Advanced Math
4) Chemistry
5) Math subject
▸ Plus four Electives

Group 3: Liberal Arts & Humanities Branch

Liberal Arts – Law – Economics & Political Science – Commerce – Business Management – Mass Communication – Archaeology – Linguistics – Tourism and Hospitality – Social Work – Home Economics – Liberal Arts and Humanities Departments in Pedagogy – Fine Arts (Arts) – Art Education – Music Studies – Specific Education (Music & Art) – Sports Studies & Physical Education – private higher institutes of Management & Accounting; Tourism and Hospitality; Language Studies; Information and Process Management

1) English
▸ Plus seven Electives from the following:
Physics; Chemistry; Biology; Human Biology; Math; Sociology; Psychology; Statistics; Philosophy or Logic; History; Geography or Global Studies; Social Studies; German; French; Spanish; Latin or Greek; any European language; Economics; Accounting; Business; Consumer Math; Computer; Political Studies; US Government & Politics Studies; Art; Drama; Ecology; Thinking Skills; Environmental Management; Religious Studies; Environmental Science; Travel & Tourism
▸ For Liberal Arts, Linguistics, and the Liberal Arts & Humanities departments in Pedagogy, student must have taken English + French or German + remaining electives
▸ Student may receive credit for a maximum of 3 languages (including English).

Additional requirements for the below faculties

EST 2 is mandatory with a minimum score of 1100 out of 1600 in two Subject Tests combined
Medicine – Pharmacy – Dentistry – Physiotherapy – Veterinary Medicine – Nursing:
Biology + Physics or Chemistry or Math◂
Engineering – Computer Science – Architecture (Fine Arts) – Urban Planning – Actuarial Science:
Math + Physics or Chemistry or Biology◂
Law Student must have studied French in High School. If not, student may still be accepted but will not receive university degree before passing secondary-level French exam.
LinguisticsMinimum 75% in final grade of the 3 languages: Arabic, first foreign language, second
foreign language
Liberal ArtsEnglish + French or German
Tourism & HospitalityMinimum 70% in final grade of first foreign language + interview at faculty & medical
Applied ArtsPassing the Tanseeq Bureau’s Art Skills & Creativity Test
Music Education (Helwan
Passing the Musical Aptitude Test (oral and practical) organized by Tanseeq Bureau and
held at the faculty to determine student level
Fine Arts
Passing the Architectural Drawing Aptitude Test organized by Tanseeq Bureau and held at
the faculty
Fine Arts (Arts) Passing the Artistic Drawing Aptitude Test organized by Tanseeq Bureau and held at the
Art EducationPassing the Artistic Aptitude Test organized by Tanseeq Bureau and held at the faculty
NursingPassing interview at faculty + medical examination