The nature trail is six feet wide and seven miles long. It slithers through the forest like a snake curving, and bending [1] along the banks of the river. The county cleared this path and paved [2]  it with packed gravel, so they [3] would have a peaceful place to hike and bike. I ride this trail nearly every day—not on a bike [4] , but on “Luigi.” That’s the nickname I gave my motorized wheelchair. [5] Today, Luigi’s battery is fully charged [6] , I know I can go all the way to the end of the trail and back. But I always carry a cell phone on me just in case. Luigi’s motor moves slowly [7] as we venture along the trail. I can hear the gravel quietly crunching beneath

Luigi’s rubber wheels. I hear [8]  the songs of cardinals in the trees and the clamor of crickets in the grasses. I hear the murmur of water slipping over time-smoothed rocks. It is [9]  September, and some of the trees are starting to blush red and orange at their tips. The wind ruffles my hair and chills my face as I bounce gently, along [10]  in my padded chair. Bicyclists streak past [11]  in a blur of color and a cloud of dust [12]  I don’t understand their hurry. Luigi can go fast, but I like to ride slowly, to see like a hovering dragonfly. I want to see everything that has changed, grown, bloomed, or died since yesterday. Today I notice that a spider has woven a web between some honeysuckle bushes by the bridge. I see that the bank of vibrant yellow black-eyed Susans by the barbed wire fence is starting to dry and fade away. I spend an hour; looking [13]  and listening and learning And now my ride is finished for today. I leave the trail and come out into the open, manicured park at the trails [14] end. There, my older brother helps me out of my chair and into his waiting van. He puts Luigi in the back, and I return to the world of pavement, streetlights, and traffic. But in my mind, I am still gliding through the forest. I am like the water, flowing over ancient stones. Inside, I am still a dragonfly.


11. Which choice most effectively leads into the new subject of this paragraph?


  • B. The sun begins to set

  • C. Nature always impresses me

  • D. Days can go by quickly