Passage III

30. Elsewhere in the essay from which Passage A is adapted, Bradbury writes:

Was there a real boy named John Huff? There was. And that was truly his name. But he didn’t go away from me, I went away from him.
How do these statements apply to both the information about Bradbury’s approach as a storyteller provided in Passage A and the story of John Huff provided in Pas- sage B?

  • A. They reveal that Bradbury believed that to surprise  readers is a fiction writer’s most important task.

  • B. They reinforce that Bradbury used his life experiences to create fiction but also altered those experiences as he pleased.

  • C. They prove that Bradbury felt such pain over leaving John that he had to reverse events to be able to write the story.

  • D. They indicate that Bradbury rarely used his life experiences to create fiction